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The idea for Black Dragon Marketing was born when Tarletta Williams realized that, after 6 years in business for herself, she still didn’t really understand digital marketing, and aside from a bunch of how to videos, there wasn’t anyone that could put the pieces together to make it all make sense.

At BDM we help business of all sizes, from the single solopreneur to large teams, harness the power of digital marketing by working with them to develop a plan that’s focused on achieving their goals, a wide range of services to fit any budget, and a promise to follow-up and follow-through from beginning to end.

We also offer a resource center where anyone can learn about building their business, improving their skillset, and how to use marketing to increase their bottom line.

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Visit our resource center for free videos on how to get started and setting the foundation for your business to succeed.

Since our inception, we’ve believed that education is the key to success. 

You can also opt for one of our customized consultations to help you break through any challenges you’re still facing.

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Our goal is to support businesses from the ground up and from the inside out by giving them the tools, support, and assistance they need to take their business from their local market to the world that awaits them. 

We focus on growing your local market, because there’s so many resources in your backyard. Whether you’re a tech company or a bakery, conquering you local market is the first step to conquering the world.

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The Process

Let us introduce ourselves.

Here at BDM, we like to work with businesses that fit well into our family and share our sense of ambition for growth through education and execution.

This brief interview is for us to understand where you are in your business and what goals you’re trying to accomplish.

If you’re unsure, we can help with that, too!

We’ll dive into the areas you’d like to strengthen and the approach you’re looking to take to see if our services and values align with what you’d like to accomplish.



The Proposal


Once we’ve determined what your needs are, we’ll meet with our partners and come up with a plan that can help you reach the goals you’ve set.

Typically, we’re able to give you your proposal within a couple of days. You’ll receive a separate proposal for each goal.

Each proposal will include it’s own timeline and at least two paths forward so that you can choose what’s best for your company, right now, whether that’s a la carte or fully managed services.


Planning: Getting Started


Once all the black, white, and red tape is behind us, our team goes to work getting your program started.

Whether you’ve opted for a la carte services or for us to be your entire marketing team, we help you with your onboarding to ensure you’re getting the most out of your services with us. 

Each client is assigned a BDM business representative that can help guide you in the right direction and is available to help with any questions you might have about building, growing, or scaling your business with us.




While your programs are running, we do a weekly and monthly check-in on your goals to ensure that we’re still moving in the right direction.

We understand that things change and it’s important to us that our efforts are aligned with your goals. While your campaigns run we make sure you understand what the results mean for your business so that you can make informed decisions on how to best move forward.

We don’t pretend to know what’s best for your business. Our goal is to guide you by helping you make the best decisions for your unique venture through data-driven results and analysis.





Speaking of analysis, we provide monthly reports for all of you services with BDM. We believe that every audience is different and that each new approach has something new to teach us.

By looking at the behaviors, indentifiers, demographics and other characteristics of your current customers and visitors we’re able to help you create a plan to move forward into a new phase, campaign, market, or region.





By knowing what’s happened we help you plan for the cycle. We want to help you on your journey of continuous improvement to build the business you’ve been dreaming of. 

Whether you’re just getting started, want to improve the results you’ve got, or looking to challenge the future with change, we’re here and ready for you.



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